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PrimeFaces Extensions

Additional JSF 2 components for PrimeFaces


PrimeFaces Extensions project is a community driven open source project which has an aim to be a lightweight and fast JSF 2 component library in additional to PrimeFaces - a rapidly evolving component set and more. We are big fans of PrimeFaces. This project is an extended component set with useful components missing in other JSF 2 libraries or with improved components which already exist somewhere but don't work there smoothly. It only uses standards and is highly compatible with existing JSF 2 frameworks. We use one of the best JavaScript framework jQuery behind the scenes with its amazing widgets, plugins, themes and Ajax interactions. We avoid on purpose other JS / UI frameworks in order to have a high compatibility between components.

PrimeFaces Extensions is an open source project licensed under Apache License V2. The CKEditor add-on, like the CKEditor itself, is distributed under the GPL, LGPL and MPL.

Main Project Resources

Showcase is running on Mojarra 2.2.x. We test it on MyFaces as well.

General questions can be discussed in the PrimeFaces forum. We also have a PrimeFaces Extensions sub-forum. Using of the sub-forum is preferred for all questions related to this project.

Getting Started with PrimeFaces Extensions describes how to setup and work with the component library. This section contains links to the download repository and dependent third-party projects. Extensive documentation is integrated into the showcase.

Roadmap. We intend to release PrimeFaces Extensions approximately in the same manner as PrimeFaces. Expected release dates of final releases are coupled with PrimeFaces. The current released version is 8.0.4.

Release notes list releases for all artefacts under the hood of PrimeFaces Extensions. This is a good place to see news and changes.

Project Reports provides Javadoc, Source, PMD, Findbugs and other reports.

Internationalisation page describes PrimeFaces Extensions locales and corresponding translated text for multi-language support of some existing components. Please read instructions how to add a support for more locales.

Last but not least is the Issue Tracker. Please feel free to create issues and feature requests there. Feel also free to initiate Pull Requests. We will review and accept all reasonable suggestions and patches. This is a true open source project!

Additional Project Resources

Convenient plugins and add-ons using for web application development are parts of this project.

PrimeFaces Extensions Book

PrimeFaces Extensions Project has come a long way as a community driven project with great passion and dedication.To get the PrimeFaces users closer attention and their interest to the PrimeFaces Extensions components features and their benefits,the book titled Learning PrimeFaces Extensions Development is published from Packt Publishing authored by PrimeFaces Extensions team member Sudheer Jonna.


This book covers all the major features of PrimeFaces Extensions components and directs you how to enhance your PrimeFaces based rich JSF applications in a great level with step by step real-time learning examples.


We would like to thank JetBrains for providing us with an open source license to the IntelliJ IDEA - the best Java and polyglot IDE.